Praise Pantry

Praise Pantry Food Shelf

The “Praise Pantry” was started by First Baptist Church in 2003 to assist people in our community who need help meeting the needs of their family. Each Friday night from 6:00pm - 7:00pm we open the Praise Pantry facility for families to receive a box of food items. The food items we share are provided for us by donations from organizations such as Hope for the City, local merchants, and other donations. Our Praise Pantry facility is located in the building behind the school playground. We invite you and your family to come share in the food that has been made available to us.

We welcome donations for the praise pantry. If you are interested in donating food items, contact the church office or drop them by the church office between 8:00am and 3:30pm on weekdays.

Church Phone: 763.753.1230