What is Neighboring Together for the Gospel?

Neighboring Together for the Gospel is a stewardship plan of Wednesday nights during the summer that facilitates, equips and encourages the people of FBC to proactively reach out into their neighborhoods with acts of Gospel hospitality toward unbelievers. 

How will Neighboring Together for the Gospel take place?

Through training and equipping the people of FBC

Since it’s important that we are equipped and encouraged together from a biblical perspective, we will unite together around God’s Word regarding this topic. The pastors will provide four teaching times throughout the summer. Plus, four Fellowship Nights in homes in a small group setting also will provide a platform for teaching, discussing and applying this. 

As we study God’s Word together on this topic, we will also be using the book The Simplest Way to Change the World: Biblical Hospitably as a Way of Life - by Dustin Willis and Brandon Clements as a helpful guide for our discussions.

If you are interested in further study on this topic, we recommend the following resources:

The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World - By Rosaria Butterfield

The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door - By Dave Runyon and Randy Frazee

Through implementing 3 types of Wednesday Night Emphases

  1. Encouragement Nights (Reaching Up for Gospel Hospitality)

    Meet together at the church for teaching, sharing, and praying for one another as relates to gospel hospitality.

  2. Fellowship Nights(Reaching Around for Gospel Hospitality)

    Get together in small groups with other believers in homes to encourage each other around the topic of gospel hospitality.

  3. Neighboring Nights(Reaching Out for Gospel Hospitality)

    Invite unbelieving neighbors over to your home and apply the principles you learned from the teaching on gospel hospitality.

How can you be involved in Neighboring Together for the Gospel?

  1. Attend Encouragement Nights at Church.

    See the calendar below to identify the 4 Encouragement nights. The first one is on Sunday night, May 26 from 6-7pm. The subsequent 3 will be on the designated Wednesday nights from 7-8pm. During these nights, you will have opportunity to receive instruction, encourage others and pray together for God’s help with Gospel hospitality.

  2. Host OR attend Fellowship Nights at various homes.

    Look at the 4 Fellowship Night dates below and determine if you can host and invite people, or if you can participate in someone else’s home who is hosting. If you are hosting and have someone from the church you would like to invite over to your place, go for it! If you are hosting and don’t have someone in mind to invite, add your name to the “host” list on the sign up sheet at church. If you desire to participate and want to get connected with a host home, add your name to the “participant” list on the sign up sheet at church.

    Hosts - If you are hosting, take a study & discussion questions material in advance and plan to lead a discussion on the topic relating to Neighboring well for the gospel.

    Simple Structure for the fellowship Night can be as follows: 7:00 - informal fellowship; 7:30 - Study/discussion and prayer; 8:00 - informal fellowship and dismiss.

  3. Invite unbelieving neighbors to your home and apply the principles you learned from the teaching on gospel hospitality.

    If a night other than Wednesday Night works best for you and the people you are reaching out to, that is great - go for it!


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