God has blessed First Baptist Church with a rich history of gospel centrality and people orientation. The church was first organized March 15, 1864 as Oak Grove Baptist Church and was recognized as a regular and independent church on June 23 of the same year by a council of delegates from the Northern Minnesota Association. Their doctrinal distinction was found in their adoption of the New Hampshire Articles of Faith. Although they started with only four members our Lord saw fit to bless the ministry and expand their outreach until, by His grace and for His glory, they erected a building two miles south of St. Francis on June 30th, 1872. That same building was moved to St. Francis in 1893 and on May 26, 1894 the name of the church was changed to First Baptist Church of St. Francis. The congregation continued to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as share the good news of Jesus to the surrounding community. In May of 1975 they purchased the current property and the first stage of the current building was built in 1977. While it is interesting to read the physical history of the congregation of First Baptist it is important to note that its true significance is found in the lives that were focused and are being focused upon our God. By His grace the people of First Baptist will continue to rely upon the Word of God to set their hearts and the eyes of others upon our God.